Book Promo Options

As far as helping to promote your book I have a few options from free to paid.

Let’s start with the Free. 😉

Mondays are Author Feature Day in the Cozy Mystery Book Launch Party Group. The Monday before your book comes out, I would put up a post with a book cover photo, information about the book, and links to purchase the book. I include some information about the author too.

Tuesdays are New Book Release Day in the group. The Tuesday your book comes out I would put up a post with a book cover photo, information about the book, and links to purchase the book. It’s similar to Mondays, but with a different graphic and I focus more on the book.

You could do an Author Takeover in the group.

You can customize and do the takeover however you would like, but I’ll let you know how they are usually done.

Some are one or two hours and others have the authors posting throughout the entire day. So that all depends on how large you want your time commitment to be.

Most authors post about 4-6 comments with photos an hour, and many include a giveaway or more.

You just need to be in the group answering questions/commenting during the timeframe that you decide is best for you.

As for time, if it’s an hour or two, and if it’s on a weekday, the evening might get you a bigger audience. Sometime between 6pm-8pm CST. But if you are going to be busy during that time, between 11am and 1pm could also work. Weekends can work well too, with no particular time being better than another.

If you wanted to do a takeover with other authors, usually each author would get an hour. If you had friends that might be interested you could let them know about the group.

I can email you the photos from a two hour takeover to give you an idea of how one goes.

Now for the Paid.

I host Book Launch Parties in the group. Once I started hosting them in the group, it has worked out great with no one being thrown into FB jail. This is question and answer/comment style and does not involve video. I charge $70 with $10 per additional author if you want to throw the party with some friends. The party lasts about an hour (would be longer it it was with multiple authors). And I can let you know more about it if you would like.

If you want my questions more personalized for the book you are promoting, I do need to have a copy to read at least three weeks before the event.

If you would like to do the book launch party I can give you some references from authors who have had parties with me including Debra H. Goldstein, Debra Sennefelder, Becky Clark, and Laura Jensen Walker.

If there is something else you were thinking of let me know and I can tell you how much I would charge or if it’s something I could do for free.

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