About Us!

A little about me, Kim.

I worked in the cataloging department at a library in Central Wisconsin for 14 years. Before that I worked at Book World, and before that, Half Price Books. So for all of my adult working life (except one year where I worked in a bank) I’ve been surrounded by books.
Yes, I have a pretty sweet life.

In May of 2019, Jessica and I started a podcast called, Books Don’t Review Themselves. You can find it at most places you go to listen to podcasts. We also have a YouTube Channel, Instagram, and Facebook account under Books Don’t Review Themselves. So check it out, like, and subscribe!

I am currently working on a Witch Mystery, (Title to be determined). One day it’ll be finished and I will have Jess or Scott review it for you.

My not so secret love of Horror Movies make up most of the movie reviews on the blog, although I will include other genres as well.

When I’m not reading or working on this website, I’m studying herbs to become an herbalist or working towards becoming a Clinical Aromatherapist (I am currently a Certified Aromatherapist).

People ask me what I like to read, and when I tell them, “Anything.”, I don’t really think they believe me. Although I do tend to read more Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, with the occasional Romance thrown in for variety.
If it looks interesting I will read it. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian Fiction, Erotica, or a Children’s Picture Book.

On this website, Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, Linkcat, Bookbub, Kobo, LibraryThing, Facebook, and Instagram is where I share book reviews.

Greetings & Salutations!  My name is Wong.  Scott Wong.  That didn’t sound nearly as cool as I thought it would in my mind.  Just forget the whole damn thing.  Sorry.  I live in Arizona with my wife, Chrissy and our two kitties, Suji & Kea.  I like oddities, curiosities, graffiti, art, camping, cycling, hiking, detailing, movies, home theater, cheeseburgers, horror stuff, disney world, any candy that is gummy anything and your Mom.  Not necessarily in that order because I really like gummy candy.  I work full-time for a large healthcare network during the week.  I’m going to school at the moment for medical coding and do automotive detailing on Saturdays via my own business, Detailing by Scott.

I remember reading a lot in high school, mostly Dean Koontz and Stephen King.  I remember it being such an excellent escape!  I really enjoyed it!  I became mesmerized with all things art & graffiti after that point in time and I put down my novels and picked up several cans of spray paint.  Most of my conversations during the week are with the local geriatric community.  Sadly enough, the bulk of them can’t hold a normal conversation but that’s a whole other story.  I really don’t want to be a puddle of drool stuck watching The Price is Right at 66 years old.

I’ve significantly cut down the time I spend on my electronics & social media and started reading again.  Over the course of the last three and a half weeks, I’ve devoured six fiction novels and I’ve never felt more health and alive than I do right now!  I’ve recaptured the magic of being whisked away to another world by simply turning a few pages.  The best part of my day now consists of the downtime between myself and the book I’m currently reading.

Finally, I’d like to encourage all of our readers and viewers to pick up a book recommended by Kim, Jess or myself.  Take a few moments for yourself each day to free your mind and recapture the magic that stands between you and the first page of that book.  You’ll thank me when you’re done.  Happy reading!  – Scott.

Jessica Wendorf can be found listening to audio books while meal prepping or taking care of her five dogs and one cat. She really enjoys Thrillers and Suspense, but wants to broaden her reading horizons. She also loves to experiment with make-up and sign up for Peloton challenges. When she’s not researching health related topics you can find her wandering the aisles of a bookshop or enjoying a coffee with lots of extras.

FTC disclaimer: All of the reviews are fair and unbiased. The books that we receive whether they be directly from the publisher/author, won in a contest, given to us by a friend, borrowed from the library, or something we bought ourselves will all be given the same honest review. We do not get paid for our reviews. We do them so more people can get joy from the book or movie, and receive the knowledge to help them determine if they want to do something else with their time.

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