About Me!

I work in the cataloging department at a library in Central Wisconsin. Before that I worked at Book World, and before that, Half Price Books. So for all of my adult working life (except one year where I worked in a bank) I’ve been surrounded by books.
Yes, I have a pretty sweet life.

I am currently working on a Witch Cozy Mystery, (Title to be determined), and here is where I will be sharing its progress.

On this website, Amazon, Goodreads, B&N, Linkcat (aka LibraryThing), Facebook, and Instagram is where I will be sharing book reviews.

Since I enjoy drinking tea and wine, I will be putting up those review videos on my YouTube channel.

And my not so secret love of Horror Movies make up most of the movie reviews, although I will include other genres as well.

People ask me what I like to read, and when I tell them, “Anything.”, I don’t really think they believe me. Although I do tend to read more Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Mysteries, Thrillers, with the occasional Romance thrown in for variety.
If it looks interesting I will read it. Doesn’t matter if it’s Christian Fiction, Erotica, or a Children’s Picture Book.

Got a question about a book or myself, let me know. I will answer pretty much anything.

FTC disclaimer: All of my reviews are fair and unbiased. The books that I receive whether they be directly from the publisher/author, won in a contest, given to me by a friend, borrowed from the library, or something I bought myself will all be given the same honest review. I do not get paid for my reviews. I do them so more people can get joy from the item, or know that they may want to read something else with their time.

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